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Systematic reviews: Reference Managers and Screening tools

Reference managers

Reference management software helps you collect and organise bibliographic information and store them in a library organised in folders, attaching PDFs. Make e.g. a separate folder for each database you search and use the "Find duplicates" function to identify potential duplicates.

The software enables you to cite in written work and create reference lists in your preferred citation standard. References and libraries can be shared with others for collaborative working.

You can screen your references in your reference management software, but the screening process is more easily documented and more reliable when you use screeningsoftware such as Rayyan or review platforms such as Covidence.

Reference managers:

Endnote. Licensed.
Access via UCPH Software Library and RH's software center.

Zotero. Free.

Mendeley. Free. 

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Data collection and analysis

Data collection and analysis is an important component of a systematic review. You can work with quantitative data, qualitative data and comparative data. There are programs and tools that can help you in this process.
Reference managers keep track of your references and screening tools and review platforms help you screen and select articles. Review platforms also help you merge data and ensure it is in the correct format for statistical analysis as part of the data extraction process, as well as populate risk of bias templates. 

NVivo is a software program used for qualitative and mixed-methods research and can help you organize and analyze non-​numerical or unstructured data. Whereas statistical programmes such as Revman and SPSS allow you to run statistical analysis of the data that you have found in selected articles. 

Access to data- and reference management software

You can access EndNote (reference management software) and other data processing software via KUNet. Click on "Software Library".
You need to have access to KUNet.

Access to software available through Region H is through the "Software Center" or via direct contact with the IT department.



Screening tools & review platforms

Screening tools and review platforms help you with the either the screening process or the entire review process.

Regarding the screening process, you upload your references and attached PDFs into the software, set parameters for the screening process, invite your collaborators and screen the titles/abstracts and full text documents. 
Each reference is annotated a YES, NO, MAYBE and if required a reason for inclusion/exclusion. At the end of the screening process, a flowchart depicting the results of the screening process at each stage can be automatically generated. 

Dependent on your chosen screening tool or review platform, it might be beneficial to remove duplicate references before import into the tool/platform. 

Screening tool:

Rayyan. Free

Review platforms:

Covidence. Licensed. Access through UCPH Library from Autumn 2021

Cadima. Free

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