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Mendeley Reference Manager - english: Citation Styles

Citation Styles

The University of Copenhagen has its own Citation Style, called Copenhagen University, which is based on the book 'Strengthen Project Work.' It is not a requirement to use this - talk to your supervisor about using citation styles. To get it into Mendeley, do as follows:

Copy the following link: http://csl.mendeley.com/styles/462068131/Copenhagen-University and insert it at Add costum Style


Other citation Citation Styles

Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

Dansk Veterinærtidsskrift

If you find problems or errors with the above citation styles, write to Karen Bendix kbla@kb.dk - then I will try to correct it. Or if you are missing a Citation Style or need to have an existing one corrected, write to Karen Bendix as well.

Examples of different citation styles:



Author-date / Alfabetic

Copenhagen University (http://csl.mendeley.com/styles/462068131/Copenhagen-University)
Cite them Right 10th ed – Harvard
American Sociological Association
Agronomy Journal
Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition
American Psychological Assosciation 7th edition
American Journal of Criminal Justice
American Journal of Veterinary Research
American Political Science Association
Veterinary Record



ACI Structural journal
Modern humanities Research Association 3rd edition
National Library of Medicine
American Medical Association
CSE (Council of Science Editors)