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Course Material (KUB Frederiksberg)


1. How do I remove the author in the text so that it only says the year, e.g. (2006)?

2. When I make an import from a database, not all the references get into Mendeley

3. Which export format should I use from the individual databases?

4. How do I export from the different browsers - Firefox, Chrome?

5. How do I remove duplicates?

1. First select the reference you want to change. In the box to the right you can now select the reference you want to change. When you click, you can insert a page number, or you can check Supress Author. If you do, the author name will disappear and you will only see the year. This can only be done in Author-date [Alphabetical] styles

2. If you import from several databases, there is a great risk of duplicates. Mendeley often removes even the duplicates on import.

3. Google Scholar - RefMan Almost everything else - RIS

4. Look under the IMPORT tab

5.  Currently, there is no option to search for duplicates automatically. You can find them by sorting the authors alphabetically by clicking on the small arrow next to Authors

Do you need more space?

In the free version of Mendeley you have 2GB of space to store all your references and articles. But if you need more space, it is possible to buy more

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