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Systematic reviews: Service and Contact

Service delivery and organisation
Our service is available from Autumn 2021




Target group: Students, Ph.D & researchers 
1-3 hours        

Service includes:

- Workshops and guidance

- Clarity research question/topic and turn into a
  search strategy

- Recommend databases & sources, inc. grey

- Clarification of your need for support

- Recommend search method

- Give feedback on your search

- Support to Zotero, Endnote, Mendeley

- Support to Covidence


Target group: Ph.D & researchers
3-5 hours

Standard service plus:

- Literature search 

- Support to Covidence

- Support to review and search protocols

- Peer review of search strategy

- Edit search strategy based on 


Target group: Ph.D & researchers 
5-20 hours


Standard & acdemic service plus: 

- Administration and de-duplication of references 

- Collect research papers

- Assist / perform publication of protocol inc. recommend
  how to document the search, eg. PRISMA

- Provide copies of search strategies and coded
  references for inclusion in appendices

- Contribution to method and limitation sections
  of the paper 


Before you contact us.....
Our service is available from Autumn 2021. This page will be updated accordingly

If you need help, you are welcome to contact us. The service is provided free of charge for students and researchers affilated to UCPH. We may turn down requests based on our internal capacity and workloads or refer you to other support services. 

Before consultation we expect you to have determined or considered the following:

  • The purpose of your SR.

  • Topic and problem statement.

  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria e.g. gender, population, age group, etc.

  • Limitations e.g. language and time limit.

  • Relevant search terms.

  • Relevant publication types or study designs.

  • Selection of databases and other sources.

  • Known references.

If possible please attach or link to any preliminary literature searches and the review protocol when you contact us.

Contact SR Service

Susie Rimborg
Annemette Møller Hansen
Torben Jørgensen

Anne Cathrine Trumpy

SOCIAL SCIENCE (psykologi)
Annette Vester 

Ragnheidur Mósesdóttir

Bo Søgaard Jensen
Trine Fjordback Sørensen

Lorna Wildgaard

KUB Systematic Review Service

Information and assistance

From Autumn 2021 will the SR service offer support and assistance

Contact KUB Systematic Review Service 

CRediT author statement

CRediT offers authors the opportunity to share an accurate and detailed description of their diverse contributions to the published work.

CRediT statements should be provided during the submission process and will appear above the acknowledgement section of the published paper.