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Gender Studies: Links


This page contains useful links to knowledge and information centres, academic gender studies institutions, and feminist organizations

Knowledge and Information Centers


The Danish Institute for Human Rights:  Publishes reports and analyses on gender equality, advises victims of discrimination, and acts as the government’s watchdog within the area of equal rights.

Coordination for Gender Research: It coordinates and initiates gender research at the University of Copenhagen, works out summaries of gender research teaching, and offers the students to sign up for a certificate in gender studies. 

KVINFO: Denmark's Knowledge and Development Center for gender, gender equality and diversity.  It imparts the most current knowledge on equality in Denmark. The center also coordinates gender equality projects in the Middle East and runs a network of mentors for women with a refugee or immigrant background. 


Women's history Archives:


Kilden: Information Center for Gender Research


Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research
KvinnSam - National Resource Library for Gender Studies 

​The Nordic Council of Ministers:

NIKK - Nordic Information on Gender