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Tips, tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions

11 step manual to Makerbot


  1. A computer on which you can a) install the necessary softwares, b) create your 3D model, and c) export your 3D model to and SD memory card.
  2. An SD memory card (max. 2 GB). If you would like to borrow one, please ask at the information desk.

10 step manual to print a 3D model

  1. Download and install the latest version of MakerWare.
  2. Download and install a 3D drawing software - we recommend (and support currently only) SketchUp.
  3. Open your 3D drawing software, create a 3D model, and save it as a new file.
  4. Open MakerWare and open the file you created in the previous step.
  5. Click Scale to adjust for printing size.
  6. Click Make and choose quality. Low is the default and recommended in order to reduce printing duration*.
  7. Choose Export to file and click Export. Save it on the SD card.
  8. Bring the SD card to our 3D printer and insert it in the lower left corner (just above the display).
  9. On the display choose Build from SD and choose the file to print.
  10. In the upper right corner of the display a percentage shows the printing progress.

* Consider checking Raft (creates a thin platform under the model to prevent it from breaking loose while printing) and Supports (creates thin vertical "walls" under overhanging parts to prevent them from collapsing).

When your print job has finished

Often your 3D print will stick to the platform. There are equipment to loosen it in the black boxes under the printers.

If you have printed something interesting, please consider sending a photo and description of it to nije@kb.dk - with your written consent we may post photos to Facebook. Also consider sharing your models on thingiverse.com.

Please note the following
Softwares must be downloaded to and installed on your own computer.
Printing size and quality (Low, Medium, or High) greatly effects printing duration - make sure that your print finishes within your booking period.

Makerbot instruction manual

Estimated print time for your object

To make sure you have booked enough time for your print job, check the estimated time on the screen before printing. The latest Makerware version will automatically tell you an estimated time, when saving your object.