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About booking the 3D printer


Booking slots

Each booking slot is 2 hours and you can book a maximum of 4 slots per week and no more than 2 slots on a single day.
Bookings can be made 6 weeks in advance. The printer can be used until closing time, however, unfinished print jobs will be cancelled at closing time.

Are you not receiving a booking confirmation email?

Sometimes emails are not coming through - we are working to fix this.  Please contact us by clicking Comment above - the comment will not be published.

3D printing at the library is based on self service - please see our instructions page. Filament change and maintenance will be performed regularly by the  library staff. On weekends there will be less (or no) support from the library staff.

The 3D printer is booked, but no one is using it
If someone booked the printer, but did not show up within 15 minutes from booking start, feel free to use it. The same applies whenever the printer is available. Before starting a print job, however, please check the calendar to make sure that you - due to a forthcoming booking - will not be able to finish your print job. If available, and if necessary to finish your print, we recommend that you book the following time slot.

My booking ran out, but my printing job has still not finished
When someone books a time slot, he or she has the right to cancel any print job in progress at the beginning of the booking period.

Due to some technical issue I was not able to start or finish my print job - can we push the schedule?
Sorry, technical issues do occur. If someone else has the upcoming booking slot, you will need to book a new one.

How  do I cancel a booking?
In the booking confirmation email there is a link to cancel the booking. Thank you for canceling, so others can use it.


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