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How to make sure your object stays at the platform

There are different ways of ensuring that the object stays on the plate.

1. First of all, make sure that the object will be printed with rafts.

2. You further the process if you put masking tape on the plate and spray with hair lacquer or glue! This will ensure that the object remains sitting on the plate, it won’t begin slipping from the plate, and it can also prevent the object in lifting itself.

3.If the tape is worn or full of holes, you may replace it with new spare tape that you find in one of the black boxes placed under the printers.

4.If the platform is not even you can calibrate it. You can find the menu under "Utilities". It is quite easy - just follow the instructions on the screen. You will first tighten the screws on the bottom of the platform, lowering the bed AWAY from the nozzles. The startup routine will then move the nozzle to each corner - at each stop, loosen the screws until a thin card just barely slides between the nozzle and the platform. Once you're done, it will move the extruder nozzle to 3 additional points so you can verify the leveling. Note that you are leveling with regard to the extruder nozzle, not to the floor!

Printer software

Here is the software that you need to print a 3D model on our MakerWare Replicator 2. Please remember to select the correct Device. Select "Replicator 2". 


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Makerbot Instruction video

Watch Makerbot's own instruction videos.