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KUB Datalab: Social Science data

Data Sources

National Data Sources

DDA - Dansk Data Arkiv
DDA Search provides the largest collection of survey-based research data in Denmark to researchers and students.

Danish Government Basis Data

Data on public support for political parties in Denmark, 2010-   
The headline says it all.

Folketingets åbne data

Virk data
Datacatalogue containing data from the public sector relevant for businesses and researchers.

International Data Sources

A lot of exciting publicly available data from the Airbnb site.

Data on the crypomarket
The archieve with shady data about the Cryptomarket

The massive official open American dataportal.

The official French dataportal.

The official British dataportal.

The official Norwegian dataportal.

EU Open Data Portal

Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)
Access to a wide range of digital research data for learning, teaching and research purposes.

A selection of the data behind the articles, graphics and interactives at FiveThirtyEight.com.

GESIS Data Catalogue DBK
Holds study descriptions of all studies that are long-term archived at the Data Archive. You can search for studies and download or order data for secondary analysis.

GovData: Das Datenportal für Deutschland
The official German dataportal.

The official Swedish dataportal. Limited at the moment.

Pew Research Data
American analysis organization that covers many community related topics with lots of data sets.

Svensk Nationell Datatjänst (SND)
New and existing Swedish research data within and outside of Sweden.

UK Data Archive
UK’s largest collection of digital social and economic research data.