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ITU Library Service: Frequently Asked Questions


How to use the library

IT Library FAQ:
The IT Library is a branch library under The Royal Library. The regular staff comes from different parts of The Royal Library, though primarily from The Faculty Library of Humanities. The Royal Library is mainly the National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library, but from late 2007 it also serves as the library for the IT University. It does, however, differ slightly from the other Royal Library branch libraries.

New user registration:
In order to borrow books from the IT Library, you must be registered as a user at The Royal Library. You register online at When this is done, you can freely order books from The Royal Library collection through our online catalogue. Your yellow health insurance card functions as your library card, so always bring it when you borrow books.

Request and pick-up of books at the IT Library:
When you request books in the search catalogue you can choose the 'IT Library' as pick-up location, and you will receive an email when the book is ready for you at the IT Library - and remember your health insurance card when you pick up books.   

Electronic resources, Royal Library:
As a student at the IT University you do not have remote access to the Royal Library e-resources, journals and databases - neither from your own computer nor from the public computers at the IT-Library. However, as a registered borrower at The Royal Library you have walk-in access to all e-resources from the other branch libraries. Thus, all you have to do to get access to an online journal or database is to visit one of the other branch libraries - e.g. The Copenhagen University Library, South Campus (less than 300m from the IT University). If you need one or two specific articles that you do not have access to through the IT University, you can ask the IT Library staff to print them for you. Due to copy right rules we are not allowed send pdf versions of articles.

Electronic resources, IT University: 
As an IT University student you have access to a number of online resources from a number of scientific publishers and databases, e.g. ACM, Science Direct, IEEE and Springer. You can also download full text articles to your own computer. These digital resources can be accessed through searchIT.

Board games:
The IT Library collection includes a number of board games that you can borrow for a week. You can search and request board games in our online catalogue.

The loan collection:
The IT Library collection is arranged according to the numerus currens order which means that the books are arranged chronologically in the order they have entered the collection. Titles and call numbers can be found in the online catalogue. When you search in, the results will show you items from the entire Royal Library collection, but you can also refine your search to only show results from the IT Library collection. All home loan books in the Royal Library collection can be requested for pick-up at the IT Library. It takes about two working days for the book arrive. You will receive an email with a pick-up number when the book is ready.  

Interlibrary loan:
Through the website you can find and request books from all libraries in Denmark and have them delivered to the IT Library. As with books from our own collection, you will receive an email when the book is ready for pick-up. 

Loan period:
If a book has not been requested by anyone else on the day you pick it up, you can borrow a book for a month at a time and renew it up to six times. If the book has been requested by someone else when you pick it up, you have to return it after 14 days.

Course literature:
Course literature books are for 1 day loan.

Book suggestions:
If there are books you can't find in our collection, we are happy to receive your suggestions for books. Please write to:

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