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Zotero: Create a reference from a PDF file

Add PDF files to your zotero library

Do you have PDF files which you would like to cite?

In general PDF files created by publishers contain metadata such as author, title and publication year. 

Use zotero to retrieve the metadata and create a reference in your zotero library.

Cite PDF files

1. In your zotero library choose: Edit  - Preferences

2. In the menu "Search" install the program "PDF Indexing":

3. Draw the PDF file to your zotero library.

4. Right-click on the PDF

5. Choose “Retrieve metadata for PDF”

6. If the PDF holds the metadata, zotero creates a record:

7. Eventually rename the PDF file:

Create a reference manually

If the PDF doesn't hold the metadata, you have to create a record manually.

Choose "New Item" - and choose the type of material: