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Zotero: Zotero in Word

Zotero in Word

Use the Zotero menu in Word to insert citations and bibliography.

Please notice, if you want to edit author and other information, which Zotero gets from your Zotero library, you should edit the reference in your Zotero library and not in Word.

Find another citation style

In Zotero Style Repository you find another 9000 citation styles. Cllick on the style which you would to use, and it is ready to install.

Add citation and bibliography

1. Open the Zotero menu and choose "Add citation".

The Zotero menu differs from MAC to PC and depends on your version of Word. 

Below you find an example of, how the Zotero menu looks like in MAC:


Using Windows, the Zotero menu could look like this:


2. Next step is to choose a citation style:

















3. In the Zotero tool bar you can either search for the reference your would like to cite or browse your collections choosing the arrow next to the Z:

4. Click on the author name and insert page number:

5. Insert your bibliography:


6. If you wish to change the author you are citing or add page numbers, place the cursor in the citation, and choose "Edit Citation" in the Zotero menu: