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Copenhagen University Library, South Campus


Welcome all new students

You will find our services in a special guide: http://kub.kb.dk/newstudents

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IT Library

The IT Library is a collaboration between The Royal Library and the IT University of Copenhagen.
The subjects covered by the IT Library includes computer science, software development, game design, communication and business.
You find the IT Library next to the reception.

Book Recommedations

The IT Library displays a number of “Book recommendations” by different ITU researchers, professors and students. This period of book recommendations are made by Vlad Gidea, and the title is "Books for those who will change the world". See the full description and the list of books below. 
Please request any of the books through our online 
catalogue REX http://rex.kb.dk, if you want to borrow them.

Would you like to select the next period of "Book Recommendations" which can help promote your research or any other topic of your interest. Please contact IT-Biblioteket@kb.dk. Your Book Recommendations will be displayed at the library and the library webpage.

Course literature

Suggest course literature for the IT library

The library has a collection of course literature which is updated each semester. Please send an email to IT-biblioteket@kb.dk with your suggestion for new literature for your courses. 

Course literature is for 1 day loan. See course literature at the IT Library in our online catalougue, REX

Board games and card games

At the IT library, you can find a a growing collection of board games and card games that you can borrow.

You can both find classic games such as Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly and newer games such as Twilight Imperium, Shadows Over Camelot and many more. If you are up for an offline challenge, drop by and check out collection.

You are also more than welcome to play the games at the IT Library.

Contact the IT Library

Sara Pors Jepsen
Information specialist sapj@kb.dk

IT University
Rued Langgaardsvej 7
2300 København S

+45 72185471/72  it-biblioteket@kb.dk

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 9.30 - 17.00
Fri: 9.30 - 15.00

Summer opening hours 2017

July 10-12
August 1st - 18th   10-12
August 19th - 31st 10-14

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