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The subject covers the major topics of theoretical, practical and historical rhetorics and deals with subjects such as argumentation, rhetorical functions, acts and norms (e.g. assessment criterions for public debate), oral and written communication, principles for god presentation, the topical art, specific communication and text production covering all forms of media and all genres etc. Rhetorics is very much an interdisciplinary subject that also involves philosophy, comparative literary studies, film and media studies, linguistics and the social sciences.

The Faculty Library of Humanities acquires books, periodicals and online resources that cover all aspects of rhetorics as being studied by students and researchers at the University of Copenhagen. Most printed materials are freely available for home loan but access to must of the online resources is limited. To use them, it is necessary either to use a library computer or (if you are attached to the University of Copenhagen) to log into the library system with your library login.

On the different subpages of this guide you can find in formation about different types of material relevant to the study of rhetorics as well as different tools for information searching in reference works and databases. There is also a collection of links to selected websites that are good to know.

The subject librarian is always willing asnwer questions and to help with information searches. Contact information can be found in the right side of this page.

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Mette Worning Andersen

Department Librarian for Media, Cognition and Communication
Tel: 35 32 88 63

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