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Mads Nybro Risum

Information specialist
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The subject

Bachs manuskript til kantaten Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut, BWV 199. Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Musicology is the study of all kinds of music and music cultures, including European art music from the Middle Ages till today, popular music, and the music of foreign cultures. The subject covers many aspects such as musical analysis and composition, music history and musical aesthetics and ethnomusicology, music sociology and cultural studies. The subject includes a number of practical disciplines too.

The Royal Libray/CUL acquires books, journals, electronic resources, sheet music etc. within the subject's areas of interest for the students and researches at The University of Copenhagen. See the tab ‘Materials’ for more information.

The Music Collection, located at The Black Diamond as part of the National Library, manages the subject. The collection’s subject specialists are happy to answer questions on literature and information retrieval etc. within musicology.  See the tabs 'Study skills' and “Reference works and databases” for more information, or see the contact information on this page.

The Music Collection, whose materials and resources are addressed to people outside the University of Copenhagen too, is specialized within Danish music and cultural history and musicology based on sheet music. Please find more information under the tabs 'Thesis writing' and 'The Music Collection' if you are interested in this subject or would like to write your thesis or major papers/projects within this field.

IKK's curriculum shelves

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