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Geoscience databases


Bibliography on life sciences in general: Agricultural and food science, environment, natural resources and veterinary science.
Coverage: 1970-


Life sciences, agriculture, food science, environment, natural resources and veterinary science. The natural sciences in general.
Coverage: 1974-

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts: ASFA

Biology, ecology and legal, political and socio-economic issues of marine, freshwater and brackish water environments.
Coverage: 1971-

Biosis Previews / Biological Abstracts

Bibliographic database within the biological field. Covers subject areas such as botany, microbiology, zoology and biomedicine. Refers to journal articles, books, book chapters, reports, congress reports, etc. Biosis Preview is part of the Web of Knowledge portal.
Coverage: 1969-


CAB direct

Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry, human nutrition, food and veterinary science.
Produced by CABI (Center for Agriculture and Biosciences International)
Coverage: 1910-.

GeoScienceWorld: GeoRef

Extensive database within the geosciences. Also searching in GeoRef.
GeoRef Thesaurus Lists

Oceanic Abstracts

Bibliographic database covers the topics: Oceans, marine biology, oceanography, fisheries, aquaculture, meteorology, geology, environment, technology and legislation, etc.
Coverage: 1981-

Interdisciplinary databases


Scopus is one of the world's largest databases with abstracts and citations from all scientific fields: Health Sciences (everything from MEDLINE), Biology, Environmental Research, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Psychology, Economics, Business, Management, Auditing and Finance.

Web of Science

Contains the bases: Science Citation Index from 1900-, Social Sciences Citation Index from 1956-, Arts & Humanities Citation Index from 1975-,
Can be used for citation search that can provide newer articles on the same topic as the source article. Is part of the portal Web of Knowledge.

Google Scholar

Google search for scientific articles.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I

Extensive collection of dissertations from around the world.
Coverage 1743-


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Danish databases


Database for the Danish public and research libraries.
In the tab "ARTICLES, Danish articles can be searched in scientific journals and in newspapers and magazines.
Coverage: 1930-


InfoMedia contains most major Danish newspapers, trade magazines and a large number of other news sources.
Coverage: 1975-


Mediestream provides online access to the Royal Library's digital collections of newspapers, radio and television as well as commercials.
Material over 100 years old is freely available. Material under 100 years old can be accessed from special computers.

Den danske Forskningsdatabase - Danish National Research Database

Research publications and researcher profiles from Danish universities and research institutions.

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