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Chemistry at Copenhagen University Library encompass all the basic scientific topics of the subject.

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Chemical, bibliographic database. SciFinder-n provides access to the databases CAPlus (chemical litterature 1907 ff), Registry File (data on chemical compounds 1957 ff), CASReact (chemical reactions 1907 ff), Medline (biomedical litterature 1958 ff), Chemlist, Chemcats.

Only faculty and students at the University of Copenhagen are allowed to use Scifinder-n. Access requires personal registration on this  selfregistration page. Registration requieres an e-mails on the ku.dk or regionh.dk domains, and only from IP-ranges belongin to the University of Copenhagen. Registration is only allowed for students or faculty at the University of Copenhagen or the University Hospitals.


Provides access to Beilstein and Gmelin. The preferred source for physico-chemical properties.


Free searchengine from The Royal Society of Chemistry. You can search for
litterature, physico-chemical properties and spectra.

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