History: Guide


Der neue Pauly, Enzyklopädie der Antike: Enzyklopädie der Antike
The authoritative encyclopedia on the antiquity.

The Oxford Classical Dictionary
Dictionary on the antiquity.

Who's Who in the Classical World
Dictionary on significant people in antiquity.

The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
Dictionary on terms, events and people in Byzantine history.

Middle Ages

Lexicon des Mittelalters / International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages
The authoritative encyclopedia on the Middle Ages.

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
Short articles on art, architecture, religion, law, science language, philosophy, theology, culture, religion, socil history, intellectual history and political history in the Middle Ages.

Kulturhistorisk leksikon for nordisk middelalder: fra vikingetid til reformationstid
Dictionary in either Swedish, Danish or norwegian on terms, events and people in the Nordic Middle Ages.


The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation
Encyclopedia on the religious and social changes during the reformation.


The Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance
Illustrated dictionary on all aspects of the renaisance in Europe.

Enlightenment and early modern period

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
Encyclopedia on the Enlightenment that also describes how the enlightenment had an impact on non-Western states and societies.

The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest
International encyclopedia on revolutions and protests from the early modern period to the late modern period.

Late modern period

International encyclopedia on the first world war.

A Dictionary of Contemporary World History
Dictionary on terms, events and people in the late modern period.


America: History and Life
Index of articles on American history.


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