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Biological sciences: Biology, anatomy, biochemistry, botany, zoology: Welcome


The biological sciences deal with living organisms and their relationship to the outside world. Including anatomy, biology, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, botany, zoology, marine and freshwater biology, ecology and biodiversity.

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Medical Illustrator: Jennifer Oosthuizen


Bibliography on bio-science in general. Agriculture- and food science, environmental, nature ressources and veterinary science.
Year 1970-


Bio science in general.
Year 1974-

ASFA: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts 

Biology, ecology and legal, political and socio-economic issues of aquatic environments
Year 1971-

Biosis Previews 

Botany, zoology, microbiology, ecology, behavior, genetics, cell biology, general physiology and biochemistry, as well as other basic biological and medical subjects.
Year 1969-


Sundhedsvidenskabelig databaseportal med bl.a. Medline, molekylær, genetiske og proteomik databaser m.m.
Emner: Biomedicin, forsøgsdyr, mikroorganismer, medicin, odontologi, veterinærmedicin, sygepleje.
År 1946-


Organic and inorganic chemistry.

Zoological Record

Zoology, biology, taxonomy, nomenclature, biodiversity and paleontology.
Year 1976-

Web of Science 

Multi disciplinary database. Contains: Science Citation Index from 1900-, Social Sciences Citation Index from 1956-, Arts & Humanities Citation Index from 1975-. Useful for citation search.

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