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Sundhedsvidenskab: Scopus


General Rules
• Not case sensitive

• Entering singular nouns will also search for plural nouns and possessives (with some exceptions)

• Entering either variation of Greek letters (a OR alpha, b OR beta,) will search for both variations

• Entering either British or American spellings (colour, color, or tyre, tire) will search for both variations

Phrase Search

To search as a phrase, enclose it in double quote marks or curly brackets:

  • Double quotes “ “ will search for fuzzy phrases. It will also search for both singular and plurals (with some exceptions). Symbols are ignored. Wildcards can be used. “heart-attack”will search for heart-attack, heart attack, heart attacks, and so on
  • Curly brackets { } will search for a specific phrase. It limits the search to only the specified character string, and symbols can be used. {heart-attack} will only search for heart-attack


• * replaces any number of characters toxi* will search for toxin, toxic, toxicity, toxicology, and so on

• ? replaces only one character sawt??th will search for sawtooth and sawteeth

Logical operators and proximity operators

• AND Searches for articles containing both words food AND poison

• OR Searches for articles containing either or both words weather OR climate

• AND NOT Searches for articles that do not contain the following words tumor AND NOT malignant

• W/n Restricts to n words between the two words, the word order is not set Pain W/5 morphine

• PRE/n Restricts to n words between the two words, the word order is as set newborn PRE/3 screening

• Operator priority order (it is possible to change the priority order by using parentheses) 1. OR 2. W/n or PRE/n 3. AND 4. AND NOT