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The primary aim of this subject guide is to assist the students at the University of Copenhagen. It contains advice on where and how to search for literature within the field of religious studies. On these pages you can find:
- Lists of databases of relevance to your subject
- Tips and tricks on how to search and find literature
- Facts about online journals and books
- Information about our printed books and theses’ collections


Religious Studies (shouldn’t be confused with theology) is an academic field that aims at understanding religious phenomena within their cultural, social and historical context – for that purpose both anthropological and sociological investigations and sources, as well as religious texts and much more, are consulted. Both thematically and methodologically it’s an academic field with a wide scope. Also for that reason the guide of this type will never be exhaustive or complete. But guess what – you can always contact us, if you can’t find an answer to your query on the pages of this guide.  


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