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  1. The formatting in my references disappear when I eksport to Mendeley
  2. How do I create a bibliography without using Cite-o-Matic?
  3. When I make a reference list in Word I get the information about the URL . How do I get it removed?
  4. How do I remove the author in the text, so only the year appears (Harper (2006) said that.....?)
  5. I get the the error: "Please run Word at least once before installing the plugin", What shall I do?
  6. There are folders on my computer I cannot find, such as AppData
  7. When I Import from a database, I don't get all the references
  8. How do I make my references in footnotes?
  9. When I open my account on a different computer, my PDF-files are gone
  10. Which Export format should I use from the different databases?
  11. How to I export using different browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Edge and Safari?

1. It is a known problem that the formatting disappears - it can be resolved by either do it manually in the bibliography. Be aware that this only can be done when the bibliography is finished. Click on the Export button and choose Without Mendeley fields. Or you can put a html code into Mendeley. Latin terms must often be in italics and it can be fixed by putting  html codes for italics around the term. eg. <I> Flora Danica </ i> HTML tags will disappear, but the text remains in italic. Remember that this must be done one at a time

2. In Mendeley Desktop, select the Citation Style, you need under View. Then select Library as Citations - also under View. Select the entire reference list with (Ctrl. + A), copy (Ctrl. + C) it into to a Word document (Ctrl. + V). See the box to the right about Google Docs and Mendeley

3. In Mendeley Desktop go to View - Citataion Styles - More Styles. At the bottom of the page, select Only for Webpages in Include URLs and Date Accessed in Bibliographies

4. After inserting the reference in Word, mark the reference and the button that was called Insert Citation is now called Edit Citation. Click it and in the box that now appears, click on the author you want to remove and check Suppress Author

5. You need a file in your Startup folder in Word. It it doesn't help to start and close Word once, you will have to install cite-o-Matic manually. You must do following:

On the C-drive

  • go to the folder Program files
  • Mendeley Desktop
  • WordPlugin

Copy the file called .dotm (e.g.:mendeley-1.17.dotm)
Paste it into the folder where the startup files to Word are. That can be placed in different places, but if you find the folder AppData you are well on your way. It is located in the folder callled User(s). (If you cannot find the folder you will have to Show hidden files..... See selction 7)

From AppData go to

  • Microsoft
  • Word
  • StartUp - this is here you paste the .dotm file

After a restart of Word and Medneley Desktop it should work

6. Windows 8 and Windows 10
In window 8, select dDesktop. In windows 10, click the button Start and open the Control Panel

  • Choose folder options under Appearance and Personalization
  • Click on the setting icon to the right of the panel
  • Click the view tab in the folder options dialog box
  • Select Show hidden files, folder and drives
  • Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types and click OK

7, When you import from several databases there are a risk of dublicates. Mendeley automatically rewove the references that are already in your mendeley library

8. Footnotes in Mendeley - numerical

You can use the following citation styles:

  • Cambridge University Press (note)
  • Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed. (full note)
  • Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed. (note)
  • Modern Language Association 6th ed. (note)
  • Smithsonian Institution Scolarly Press (note)
  • University of New England - Australia (note)

By searching for Note under Get more Styles you can find more, but its not all of them that are working

9. If your PDF-files aren't synchronized is it beacuse the syncronization is not activated

  • Go to All Documents
  • Click Edit settings
  • Check Synchronize attached files
  • The syncrochronize

10. Export formats

  • Web of Science - BibTex
  • Google Scholar - RefMan
  • Almost everything else - RIS

11. Go to the tab Import

Do you need more space?

In the free version of Mendeley you have 2GB space to save all your references and articles. Du you need more space you can always upgrade

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