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Mendeley english: Get Started

Get started with Mendeley

To get started with Mendeley you first need to create an account
Then you have to

  • download Mendeley Desktop
  • install Mendeley Web Installer - 'Save to Mendeley'
  • install Cite-o-Matic

Course material (KUB Frederiksberg)

Mendeley Desktop

How to make an account and install Mendeley Desktop

  •      Go to www.mendeley.com and click Create a free account
  •      Log in to www.mendeley.com
  •      Click the arrow to the right of your name
  •      Download Mendeley

From Mendeley Desktop - Tools install the Web Importer


This will take you to Mendeley.com/import where you can download the Importer and add it to your bookmarks toolbar
Then install Cite-o-Matic, which you find under Tools - MS Word Plugin.

If you are using OpenOffice, it will be possible to download a Cite-o-Matic for OpenOffice

In Word, you'll find Cite-o-Matic under the tab References