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Mendeley english: Import


Import can be done in several ways:

  •  With Mendeleys Web importer
  •  With textformats called RIS or BibTex
  •  From magazine publishers
  •  'Drag and drop'
  •  Watch Folder
  •  From the app Browzine


There are different ways to import according to the browser you use

When you export from firefox you will get this box

Choose Open and find Mendeley Desktop in the Dropdown menu



If you use the Chrome browser, there are different ways to export to Mendeley. When exporting, the file shows up in the lower left corner.



Make sure your Mendeley is open. Drag the file to the Mendeley icon and Mendeley will open


Drop the notepad file into mendeley and the references will show up


Microsoft Explorer / EDGE:




Choose Save as and the file will be saved as a notepad file

Choose Open Folder and drag the file into Mendeley


Safari - Mac:

Open your Mendeley Desktop

Go to your downloads and choose the file you just downloaded


Drag the file into Mendeley

You can also just drop the file over the Mendeley icon and Mendeley will opn with teh references


File names:

Web of Science: Savedrecs.bib

CAB Abstract: ris.ris

Goggle Scholar: citation.ris

REX: Primo_RIS_Export.ris

Bibliotek.dk: bibdk.[dagsdato]_162952.ris

PubMed: pubmed_result.txt


Web Installer

There are three different ways to download web installer - whichever browser you use

In Explorer and Safari, drag the installer into the bookmark line
(This does not work so well in the Explorer because Explorer is being phased out by Microsoft. It looks, however, like it does not  work in their new browser Edge right now). So if you use Explorer, it is best to choose a different browser

In Firefox and Chrome it is a Plug-in and is placed in the upper right corner of the browser

You can go from Mendeley Desktop - Tools - Install Web Importer or you can go through this link https://www.mendeley.com/import/



Remember to always check the references you import from different databases and other places. Mendeley is only a program to help you with your references and errors may occur when importing

If the reference list is not correct, it may well mean your grade goes down. Talk always with your supervisor about what he / she want