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Mendeley english: Citation Styles

Citation Styles

In WORD the Cite-o-Matic is placed under the tab References


If you want to find more styles choose Style - More Styles


Under the tab Installed you'll find the Styles that are already installed. From here they can be updated if there are updates available and you can choose which language you want to quote on. For example if you write an article or assignment in Danish, gthe reference will include stand s. for page (side) instead of pp. for page


Under the tab Get more Styles you can find the approximately 6000 Styles found in Mendeley. Make a search on the Style you need and select install. Then it will occur under the Styles you use most.
At the bottom you can paste the URL to Copenhagen University Citation Style - see the box in the left column


Under the tab Abbreviations you'll find abbreviations of the journal titles that exist in your database - you can also choose to view all the abbreviations


Under the tab About you'll find the CSL (Citation Style Language) Editor. This is where you can either make your own Style from scratch, or edit a Style. sometimes you can find errors in a Style or you need to make a small adjustment. However, this is not easy, so you are welcome to contact one of us, and then we will see what we can do

Copenhagen University Citation Style

Copenhagen University has its own Citation Style, which is made from the book 'Group-projects in a problem-oriented setting.'
To get it into Mendeley, do as follows:

Copy the following link:

In Mendeley Desktop select View - Citation Style - More Styles

In the Citation Styles box, select the tab Get More Styles and insert the link into the bottom of the box, which is called Download Style. Click Download and now it can be used

Other Citation Styles:

Journal of Veterinary Medical Education