KUB Datalabs: Home

This guide harvest information about events from KUB's three datalabs and link to Data Lab, DSSL, and [HUMlab].

KUB Datalabs

KUB Datalabs are physical study environments for the students and staff at the University of Copenhagen.

The idea of ​​KUB Datalabs was conceived in 2014 after Copenhagen University Library and The University of Copenhagen had witnessed a great interest in the establishment of laboratories with focus on the use of state-of-the-art information technology and other technology-based features.

The KUB Datalabs are for students who, individually or in groups, works on media and technology-based projects and for staff members interested in integrating technology into their research and teaching.

KUB Nord opened its Datalab on November 1, 2015. After that, the Faculty of Social Sciences with the Digital Social Science Lab (DSSL) followed February 18, 2016, and finally the KUB South Campus, Humanities and Law Library with [HUMlab] on April 28, 2016.

On this page you will be apple to find information about activities and events, as well as the hardware and software in the three labs.

Data Lab

Data Lab is located at the Faculty Library for Natural and Health Sciences. It's a meeting place for students of natural science how are interested to learn about digital data and coding.

Innovation Lab is located in the same library just next to Data Lab. If you are interested in 3D printing, Innovation Lab is for you! 


Digital Social Science Lab (DSSL) is a space for education and events focusing on digital tools in social sciences.

Equipped with powerful hardware and software for harvesting, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data, the lab functions as an open platform for the exploration of social scientific data.

DSSL is open to everybody so please feel free to drop by the Faculty Library of Social Sciences 


[HUMlab] support digital humanities at the UCPH Faculty of Humanities.

It's a meeting place for both students and staff, a physical platform to learn, teach and use: data, digital methods, hard- and software.

But most of all HUMlab is the place where like-minded digital humanist meet across various subjects and interests generating inspiration and new knowledge. You have to be member of the lab to use it. Click here to join us!