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Digital humanities at Copenhagen University Library

[HUMlab] is the tangible expression of Copenhagen University Library's, wish to support digital humanities at the Faculty.  It's a meeting place for both students and employees, giving them a physical platform where they can learn, teach and use: data, digital methods and various programs and software. But most of all, HUMlab is hopefully going to be the place where like-minded digital humanist can meet each other across various subjects and interests, thus generating inspiration and new knowledge.

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[HUMlab] is situated at the second floor of the Library; it contains hardware for example 6 powerful pc's advanced software.

HUMlab activities autumn 2018

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Lars Kjær Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Københavns Universitetsbibliotek

Lars Kjær
Information Specialist
Faculty Library of Humanities


Muhamed Fajkovic
Information Specialist
Faculty Library of Humanities

HUMlab Charlotte Arnholtz

Charlotte Arnholtz
Information Specialist
Faculty Library of Humanities


Cooperating partners

Shkarat Msaied Neolithic Project

HUMlab - Cooperating partners - The Shkarat Msaied Neolithic Project

KB Labs

HUMlab partner KB Labs

Rigsarkivets Digital History Methods Lab

HUMlab Rigsarkivets Digital History Methods Lab

Center for Textile Research

HUMlab - Center for Textile Research

Centre for Language Technology

HUMlab - Partner - Centre for Language Technology



Read more:  Data Lab - KUB Nord

Data Lab is located at Faculty Library for Natural and Health Sciences and offers great introductions to software like Excel and ArcGIS as well as programming in Python and R.

Please join the activities.

KUB Datalabs - Innovation Lab

It is free to book and use the equipment in Innovation Lab. Innovation Lab have two 3d printers and a 3d scanner. The lab is located next to Data Lab.

Read more: Innovation Lab

HUMlab AND Digital Social Science Lab


Read more: Faculty Library of Social Sciences: Welcome

Digital Social Science Lab is located at the Faculty Library of Social Sciences and offers introductions to brilliant software.

Please join the activities.


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