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Charlotte Arnholtz

(+45) 9132 4606

The subject

The library has a collection of E-literature as well as printed literature to cover the subject
of film studies. New titles for the collection is exclusively bought by suggestions from
the users. There is two ways of approach:

1) If an E-book appears in the Library catalog, but have not yet been bought, the user can
    chose to continue reading after the end of the preview. This will automatically initiate a

2) KU-users can suggest books by filling out the title suggestion form, which can be found
    on KUnet and in the Library catalog: https://kub.kb.dk/c.php?g=675328

The books will only be bought in print, if an electronic edition is not available.

If you need help with your search for literature, you are welcome to contact the subject specialist
directly by mail: char@kb.dk

Important Databases

Read Kosmorama online



The digital form presents numerous new opportunities. Since 1954, hundreds of expert writers have contributed shelf loads of articles. All of it will now be digitised. In the future, Kosmorama will also be a portal to a comprehensive back catalogue of issues that has so far been available only at libraries in its entirety. Articles will be searchable and tagged with metadata. Accordingly, digital Kosmorama in years to come will grow into a veritable database of film writing spanning six decades, ripe for exploring by subject, person, film title, etc.

DFI Library


You can find a wide range of books and journals at the COMM/IKK library in building 14.2. 

Read more about the library here.