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On this page you can find information about materials that can support and inspire you in exploring Greek and Latin language and literature. You can navigate on the page through the menu bar. On each page you'll find links to exciting materials in the form of articles, books, databases, reference books and collections, etc.

Under the "Contact" field you will find my contact information. You can write if you have questions or need help and guidance to find information within the topic that you want to explore.


Lars Kjær Det Kgl. Bibliotek Københavns Universitetsbibliotek HUMLab

Lars Kjær, Information specialist

Mail: lakj@kb.dk

Telephone: 91324613

Birthe Miller historie Københavns universitetsbibliotek

Birthe Miller, Informationspecialist

Mail: bimi@kb.dk

Telefon: 91324116

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