Audiologopedics: Books

If you want to find books available within the Copenhagen University Library, you can search in the library system

You can choose to search in all collections within the Copenhagen University Library system or you can choose to narrow your search to a specific library by using the drop down menu. You can also limit your search results to only show books that are available, new materials or materials available online.

Systematic searches:

You can search systematically by clicking "Advanced search" and choosing either "Other classification" or a relevant classification system. 

  • Books purchased from 1995-2007 can be found using the SK2 classification system.

    PDY: Language disorders. Audiologopedics and lectopedics. Patholinguistics.
    PDYG: Impressive speech.
    PDYK: Expressive speech.
    PDYL: Neurolinguistics: aphasia, dysphasia
    PDYM: Speech pathology: speech apraxia, dysarthia, dyslalia, stuttering, etc. 
    PDYN: Speech development: Phonopedics, dysphonia, laryngectomy.
    PDYR: Written language: Dylexia and dysgraphia
  • Foreign books purchased since 2008 can be found using the NLM and Dewey classification systems. Danish books can be found using the DK5 classification. 

    DK5: 37.76 (hearing) or 38.73 (speech) (Books in Danish)
    NLM : WL 340.2-6, WM 475, WV 270 -280, WV 501, WV 530, WV 540 
    Dewey: 371.914* or 616.855*

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