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Anthropology: How do I make a reference list?

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How do I make a reference list?

The purpose with reference lists are to document your use of sources and to aid your reader in tracking these cited sources down.

Reference lists are sorted after the author's surname - the most unusual surname first, e.g. Smith would be placed last: MacIntyre Smith, John.

The punctuation in the list varies according to the bibliographic standard of your choice, but always be consequent.

References to books

Author. (year). Title: Subtitle (edition). City or country of publication: Publisher. (Series title; number).

The title is either underlined or in italics.

For clarity, 3 or more authors should be listed by surname and initials.

The edition is only included if the book is not a first edition.

Gallagher, M., Laver, M., & Mair, P. (2005). Representative Government in Moderne Europe: Institutions, Parties and Governments. (4. ed). New York: McGraw Hill.

References to articles in journals

Article author. (year). Article title: subtitle. Journal title, vol. (nr), page no.

The name of the journal is underlined or in italics.

Riker, W.H. & Ordeshook, P.C. (1968) Theory of Calculus of Voting: A case study. American Political Science Review, vol.62(1), pp. 25-42

References to contributions to anthologies

Contributing author. (year). Contritbutions title: subtitle. In: Editor (ed.): Title of anthology (edition, page no). City or country of publication: Publisher

The title of the anthology is underlined or in italics.

McNay, Lois. (2007). Subject, psyke and behaviour. In: Dorte Marie Søndergaard (ed.): Feminist Thinkers: a collection of essays (p.136-159). Copenhagen: Hans Reitzel.

References to documents on the internet

Author/editor or compiler. (year/latest update). Title (edition). Date accessed: URL.

The title is underlined or in italics.

Anderson, J (2000). CASA approves avgas contamination test, (media release). Viewed 7 February 2000:

References to newspaper articles

Article author. (year, date). Article title. Title of newspaper. (City or country of publication), section, page.

The title of the newspaper is underlined or in italics.

Rothenborg, Michael. (2008, 16. August). Portrait: He will make the EU hip and cool. The Independent, 1.section, p.4.

More examples and reference standards:

Waterloo Library (2008). Citation/Style Guides. Ontario. University of Waterloo. Viewed 10 March 2011:


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