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Det Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet


Animal science deals with all aspects of living organisms belonging to Kingdom Animalia.

The collection of printed animal science literature goes back to 15th century. Today the collection is mainly enriched with electronical ressources (i.e. e-books, e-journals, and online databases) - mainly based on suggestions from our users.

Staff and students from The University of Copenhagen have remote access to all our electronical ressources. For all other users of the Royal Library there are free access to all our e-resources at our many location around the town.

 All our books and journals are registered in our catalouge, soeg.kb.dk, where you can find the material - and make your reservations.


You can find e-journals about zoology under E-ressources and in REX.

There are remote access to e-journals for all staff and students at the University og Copenhagen.


In bibliographic databases you find references to peer reviewed scientific articles - and in some cases, book chapters. The databases may have more or less overlap in specific references according to your topic. That is because the different databases cover different journal titles according to their policies. Try searching in different databases - and try differnt search strategies to cover your topic best possible.

Articles in journals to which the library subscribes can be ordered in soeg.kb.dk -or accessed directly online using the KB-LINK. Private Users have access to all material when they are in the buildings of the library - while staff and students at the University of Copenhagen have remote access to all e-journals.

Articles in journals which the library does not have in stock can be ordered using the electronical call slip: Special Request  in soeg.kb.dk.

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