What am I searching?: Information on your search

A brief introduction to the content of our library system

The Royal Danish Library system contains books, articles, journals, databases, images, manuscripts, scores, and much more - and everything can conveniently be searched in one single interface.

When using this system, you search many databases at once. Your results will include items that have been registered by the Royal Danish Library, as well as articles from large database providers such as JSTOR, PsycInfo, EBSCO, Scopus, Web of Science, and many more.

Use our library system to:

  • Find and locate a particular book, article, or similar known item

  • Discover many kinds of resources on a topic, a person or similar

​If you are just beginning your research, you may also want to try:

If you are doing at thorough literature search on a specialised topic:

  • Use the specialised databases within your discipline. The library system does not cover all content from all databases, and besides, searching in a specialised datatbase may give more precise and updated results. If you already know what databases to search, you can find them from Database list.

  • Get more specific help on the relevant subject guide (see above).

  • If you are looking for a specific journal, use our journal search.

Further information on the library system


Royal Danish Library  system is a discovery service built on the product Primo, delivered by ExLibris. The system contains all registered library items in the Royal Danish Library (Aarhus and Copenhagen), as well as those of Roskilde University Library. It contains a great part of - but not all - the electronic journal articles that are available to users belonging to the Aarhus University, Copenhagen University and Roskilde University communities. (The best way to perform a comprehensive topic search is still to use the multiple subject-specfic library databases.)



Remote access to electronic resources:

Royal Danish Library subscribes to a range of electronic journals, e-books, etc. that are available to all users from one of the Royal Danish Library's locations.  Users from Aarhus University, Copenhagen University or Roskilde University have the option to access their e-resources remotely. Learn more about remote access.