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Digital Social Science Lab

HUMlab AND Digital Social Science Lab


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Digital Social Science Lab is located at the Faculty Library of Social Sciences and offers introductions to brilliant software.



Clarin.dk - HUMlab

CLARIN-DK is an infrastructure where researchers can deposit, share and download language-based material. i.e. texts, transcriptions, lexicons, word lists, audio and video files. CLARIN-DK also comprises interactive language tools.

Data Lab




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Data Lab is located at Faculty Library for Natural and Health Sciences and offers great introductions to software like Excel and ArcGIS as well as programming in Python and R.

3D Skkarat Msaised - Digital Archeology

Shkarat Msaied Neolithic Project

Photogrammetric recordings, time lapse recordings, screenshots of the work process, 3D-models of contexts, artefacts, and buidlings.


HUMlab partner KB Labs

KB Labs seeks to find new ways to combine the library’s digital cultural heritage collections and research, with the latest methods within machine learning. The lab is an initiative taken by the IT department at the Royal Danish Library.