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Biological subject areas: Books

The Faculty Library of Natural and Health Sciences

Det Natur- og Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultetsbibliotek

Nørre Allé 49
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Systematic shelf of printed books in biology - KUB Nord

The collection of handbooks and other books for the biology courses are placed on shelfs after their subject. The books are only for use in the library.

Subject codes for the biological subject areas. 

  • Biology in general (C)
  • Ecologi (Ca)
  • Salt- and freshwater (Cc)
  • Airpollution (Cd)
  • Microbiology (Ce)
  • Evolution  (Cf)
  • Reproduction (Cg)
  • Embryology. Growth (Ch)
  • Genetics. Evolution (Ci)
  • Physiology. Anatomy. Biochemistry in general (D)
  • Anatomy. Cytology. Anthropology (Da)
  • Biochemistry Biophysics (Db)
  • Lipoids. Carbohydrates (Dc)
  • Proteins. Nucleic acids (Dd)
  • Enzymes. Other organic substances (De)
  • Non-organic substances (Df)
  • Muscoskeletal (Dg)
  • Endocrinology (Dh)
  • Circuit. Blood. Respiration. Non-pathological immunology (Di)
  • Nutrition (Dk)
  • Nerves and senses (Dl)
  • Animal behavior/Etology (Dm)
  • Other organs (Dn)


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