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Landscape Architecture and Urban Design: Article Databases

Article Databases

You can search for scientific articles in different article databases. When looking for articles in regard to Landscape architecture and urban design this selection of databases is the most relevant. Some of these databases are relevant in regard to resources and planning, others are good to go to when looking for more creative and design-oriented articles.

You are searching i huge, international databases, and if the library has bought access to the journal you're interested in, you can use your remote access to gain direct access to full-text articles.

If the library does not have access to the online article, you can look up the journal title in KB Library System to check if the paper edition is available. If this is the case, you can order the article in REX and it will be scanned and mailed to your email-adress as a .pdf-file within 24 hours.

International databases

Agricultural & Environmental Science Database: Year: 1960-. Source: Proquest.Subjects: Includes AGRICOLA, TOXLINE, ESPM (Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) databases and provides full-text titles from around the world, including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, and government publications. Covering such topics as the effects of pollution on people and animals and environmental action and policy responses. Search system: Proquest

Art, Design & Architecture Collection: Year: 1973-. Collection of several databases within art, design and architecture. Search system: ProQuest.

Art Full Text (Wilson Web): Year: 1937-. Source: H.W. Wilson. Subjects: Art - Fine Art, Commercial Art, Decorative Art, Photography, Filmmaking, Architecture, etc. Search system: EBSCOhost.

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals - Full text access to scientific Open Access articles from 10.102 Journals. Source: The DOAJ Team. Subjects: Medicine, Health Sciences, Science, Biology and Life Sciences, Technology and Engineering, Social Sciences, Arts and Architecture, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ecology, etc. Search system: Web user interface.

Geobase: Year: 1980-. Source: Elsevier. Subjects: The earth sciences including Geology, Human and Physical Geography, Environmental Sciences, Oceanography and Geomechanics, Alternative Energy Sources, Pollution, Waste Management and Nature Conservation. Peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, book series and conference proceedings from over 60 countries. Search system: Engineering Village.

Google Scholar: Part of Google, but only containing scientific literature. "KB links: Fuldtekst på KB" to the right of the link indicates full text access to the article. If this link does not appear change Google Scholar's settings here.

International Bibliography of Social Sciences: Year: 1951-. Source: The Library at the London School of Economics & Political Science. Subjects: Anthropology, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Development studies, Human Geography and Environment, and Gender Studies. Search system: ProQuest. 

JSTOR: Year: Varies depending on the journal and resource but also contains free acccess to early journal content with about 500.000 resources dating before 1923 (USA) and 1870 (rest of the world). Source: Non-profit-organisation ITHAKA. Subjects: Antrophology, Sociology, Art, Architecture, Public Administration, History, Cultural History, Geography, Geology, Environmental Science, Technology, Economy, etc. Search system: Web user interface.

Scopus: Year: 1996- incl. abstracts & cited references (pre-1996: back to 1823 without cited references and only partly abstracts). Source: Elsevier. Subjects: Science, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and partly Humanities and Art. Includes Medline, Embase, Reaxys. Search system: SciVerse.

Web of Science: Year: 1900-. Source: Clarivate Analytics. Subjects (Core Collection): Broad coverage of science, social sciences and humanities. Also available: Journal Citation Reports. Search system: Web of Science. Journals indexed in Web of Science. More info.

Especially for Health Design

Medline: Year: 1946-. Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine. Subjects: All subjects within Medicine e.g. Health Care, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Biology and Microbiology, Odontology, Veterinary Medicine, Psychiatry, Technical Equipment. Search system: OvidSP. More info. Medline is also included in PubMed.

PsycInfo: Year: 1806-. Source: American Psychological Association. Subjects: Psychology, physchiatry, medicine, social sciences. PsycInfo is the online edition of Psychological Abstracts, an international bibliography. Search system: EBSCOhost.

Danish databases

Bibliotek.dk and Infomedia: If you're looking for articles in Danish papers and journals.

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