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Easy access to articles

If you are a student or researcher at University of Copenhagen you can now access journals and articles from your university’s library in a new and visually exciting way.
Copenhagen University Library has bought access to BrowZine which brings scientific e-journals and articles to your iPad, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, or you can choose to use the web access.

You can create a personal bookshelf in BrowZine with your preferred journals and articles.
You can:

  • have the table of contents shown and read or save whole articles
  • be notified when a new journal is published
  • share the article with others through email, Facebook or Twitter
  • export the journal or the article to Zotero, Mendeley, RefWorks, Dropbox, or Box accounts

By using BrowZine you may browse your way through journals and articles easily.


To get access to the journals and the articles you must be a student at or employed with University of Copenhagen and have remote access

3 nemme trin

3 easy steps to start using the BrowZine app!

1. Find the BrowZine app in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or download it from Third Iron
2. Open the BrowZine app, go to “Choose library”, choose Copenhagen University Library on the list, and enter your user ID and your Password for REX
3. Go to “Subjects” in order to choose subject areas, and start browsing journals. Save your favourites in your personal bookshelf

Download articles for either your iPad or reference programs like Zotero and Mendeley the easy way.



Reference management

Download easily articles to either your iPad or reference programs like Zotero and Mendeley.

Be inspired

Annotate an article with the BrowZine app

In order to annotate an article you must open it in another app through the “Send to...” menu and choose a note program. Some recommend Evernote.