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Here you can find information and guidance on bibliometrics, Open Access and reference management.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons
is a standardised method of indicating to what extend you accept your work to be used, shared and copied.

Open i - Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine

Open i - Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine
 is a database with Creative Commons licensed images for use within the biomedical field.

Copyright for researchers

Usually, you claim copyright as a research fellow unless you have agreed upon something else with your workplace/institution. If you are more authors of an article or an item of publication you must be aware that you share the copyright, and that you all must consent prior to the issue or publication. Please remember that if you use someone else’s works in your publication, you must have obtained permission to do so from the copyright owner.

When publishing you must also note if you transfer your copyright in the publishing agreement. Often you see researchers sign contracts in which they transfer publishing rights to the publishing house. You often meet this when publishing in international journals. This may be significant as to the right to publish an article in parallel or on more sites – also when you publish while writing a Ph.D. Therefore, it is important that you understand your rights as a researcher prior to signing a contract.

Your professional organisation as a research fellow is UBVA (The Committee for the Protection of Scientific and Scholarly Work) where you can seek legal aid to look through contracts from publishing houses and other publishers.

You can also choose to publish in Open Access as a researcher. You find journals and books in the database DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) and DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books) through which you can publish in Open Access.

If you need help or guidance for Open Access publishing as a researcher you may contact Copenhagen University Library's Research Support Services.

Please find important information on copyright aspects at University of Copenhagen here (in Danish).

If you need help when publishing, for CURIS registration etc. you will benefit from using the Researcher Portal on KUnet.

Research Support in copyright

Sherpa Romeo

In Sherpa Romeo you can see the requirements imposed on authors by many publishers and journals, and to what degree you can use your own article once it has been published.

The Researcher Portal

Website developed by UBVA, which contains information about ethical and legal issues in connection with academic research.

UBVA: The Committee for the Protection of Scientific Work

UBVA: The Committee for the Protection of Scientific Work is a permanent committee under The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations that protects the copyrights and patents of its members.

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