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Print through The Royal Library

When you have registered at and have been activated as a user of Copenhagen University Library, you will automatically get a print account.

The CPR/id-number and the PIN code is your login. You transfer money to the account through the homepage.

The print account works also for copying.

Scan to email is free.

The print system applies to Faculty Library of Humanities, Faculty Library of Social Sciences, Copenhagen University Library North, and The Black Diamond.

Print through University of Copenhagen

You use your University of Copenhagen username and password as your login.

There will be different print systems and prices at the different faculties. This applies to Copenhagen University Library Frederiksberg, Faculty Library of Social Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences Library, Library of the Faculty of Theology, and Faculty of Law Library.

Find the print instructions you need, either on the homepage of your library, KUnet, or ask the staff at your library.

The printers also work as photo copiers. The price for copying is the same as for printing. You can also use the printers for scanning. It is free to scan.

Print from your own PC

You may set your own computer up to print from one of The Royal Library's printers.

You may send your prints from either the faculty library or from home. Your document will be saved for up to four days on your account. Thus you may for instance send it from your home Sunday and print it by Wednesday at the latest.

This is how to set up your laptop:

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