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Wireless network

Wireless network

You find wireless network everywhere at the university library. You can either log in on the net of The Royal Library, KB-net, or in the wireless network of the university, Eduroam.

More on how to set up Eduroam

There is a number of PCs at each of the libraries which you may use as you wish.

Any problems with the wireless network?

Maybe it’s because you don’t allow pop-ups. Turn it off, and you’ll get on the net.

If you use a pop-up blocker, you must notice if it blocks for the pop-up which is opened, when you have logged on the wireless. However, the library doesn’t as a rule recommend that you turn off your pop-up blocker totally.

Your MAC computer won’t connect to The Royal Library’s wireless network

MAC computers may see the KB net as an unsafe network. If you are asked for a login for the KB net, you can use the following password: 12345678.

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