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Seats for in-depth study, study rooms, and lockers
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Seats for in-depth study, study rooms, and lockers

You can use the library’s seats for in-depth study, study rooms, and borrow a locker.

As a rule, you don’t have to book seats for in-depth study (except BA and thesis seats at the Fiolstræde Library).

The following libraries have study seats for use as you wish in the opening hours:

The Black Diamond: Reading Room East has 142 study seats. Reading Room North has 99 study seats.

Copenhagen University Library, Frederiksberg has 300 seats of which the half can be arranged as group seats as you please. 15 seats form part of the quiet corner and 24 seats can be used as a quiet reading room, when there are no lectures. 33 seats have been organized as regular IT work stations.

Copenhagen University Library, North has all together 489 study seats distributed on 220 quiet study seats, 141 group seats, 27 PC seats and 68 seats in the lounge area. Add to this the café which at lunchtime is reserved for guests who have their meals there.
The quiet seats are found in The Old Reading Room and two quiet reading rooms adjoining the ground level of the Book Hall. The group desks are found in the Info Hall (the hall with the murals) and on both levels in the Book Hall.

Copenhagen University Library, South Campus provides a total of  462 seats distributed between silent study areas (103 seats), group study areas including 2 study rooms (224 seats), 22 master’s thesis seats, 25 PC workstations and 88 seats in our lounge areas. The silent study areas are located on the 2nd floor, together with the master’s thesis seats. It is possible to book a master’s thesis seat for up to 6 months, read more.

The Faculty Library of Social Sciences has 272 study seats of different kinds, for instance quiet study seats, IT free zones, rooms for groups and lounge areas. The social science institutes have also reading seats at the disposal of the students.

You can book study rooms, but the procedure varies from library to library. Ask at the library where you would like to book a room, if you can’t find it in the calendar.

How to get a locker

Students at Copenhagen University can order and borrow a study locker. In general, you can have a locker for two months, but as a BA or thesis writer you can have a locker for up to 6 months.

  • Choose a locker at your faculty library in REX
  • State, if required, the period you are interested in it
  • If the locker is free, you can use it the following day after 2 pm. Please apply at the issue desk at the relevant point of service. The locker will be on hold for you up to 8 calendar days. If you have stated an email address, you will automatically be notified, when the locker is ready for use.
  • In case the locker is out on loan you will be told either by mail or by letter when it is ready for use. Please notice that your reservation concerns all lockers, not only the specific one you ordered. This brings down the waiting time for a locker.
  • Please remember your Copenhagen University identity card.
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