Remote Access: FAQ

FAQ - spørgsmål og svar

I cannot log in! 

As a student or employee at the University of Copenhagen or Roskilde you have to be registered as a user . Hospital staff must use their Danish CPR-number (10 digits without the hyphen) or a 6-digit id-number (only UCPH) and a chosen password.

I cannot remember my password!

If your password does not work please contact remote access 

I am told that I am already registered as a user, but my log in does not work.

Send an email to contact the library with your Danish Cpr-number and attach a scan of your Danish Cpr-card. or call os at  33 47 47 47.

I cannot access the full text article!

Check if we have purchased the selected journal In Rex you can always see the coverage (valid subscription) on all our e-journals. If you still have problems accessing a specific article pls.contact e-ressourcer@kb.dk describing your problem.

I am a student at another University. Can I get remote access? 

No. Please use your own university, But you you can always access our online resources while visiting one of our libraries (walk-in-use)

Can I use my remote access while abroad? 

Yes, as long as you have an Internet Connection you can use our online resources. Remember to log in.

I am currently on leave from the University. Can I still use my remote access?

No, but you are more than welcome to access online resources while visiting one of our libraries (walk-in-use)

Where do I find Ebooks? 

You can find Ebooks in REX. Read more about the use of Ebooks.

I have logged in using my VPN (UCPH), but cannot get access?

Log in using REX and get access to all of our online resources.

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

  • You must use an updated version of your brwser
  • Cookies must be allowed in your browser settings
  • You must allow SSL in your browser settings
  • If you are using a Firewall you have to open for port 443.

What does the abbreviation mean regarding access? (only in Danish!)

  • KB: Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Diamanten
  • KU: Københavns Universitet, alle otte fakulteter
  • KUB: Københavns Universitetsbibliotek
  • KUB Nord: Københavns Universitetsbibliotek på Nørre allé (Naturvidenskab/Sundhedsvidenskab)
  • KUB Syd: Københavns Universitetsbibliotek på Københavns Universitet i Njalsgade (Humaniora/Teologi))
  • KUB City: Tidligere Københavns Universitetsbibliotek i Fiolstræde (Samfundsvidenskab), nu i Gothersgade
  • KUB: Københavns Universitets Biblioteks- og Informations Service. Dvs. adgang for alle otte KU fakulteter og KB
  • KU Farma: Det Farmaceutiske Fakultet
  • KU Hum: Det Humanistisk Fakultet
  • KU Jur: Det Juridisk Fakultet
  • KU Life: Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultet
  • KU Nat: Det Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet
  • KU Samf: Det Samfundsvidenskabeligt Fakultet
  • KU Sund: Det Sundhedsvidenskabelig Fakultet
  • KU Teol: Det Teologiske Fakultet
  • KAS: Københavns Amts Sundhedsvæsen (amtssygehusene i Gentofte, Glostrup, Herlev)
  • H:S: Hovedstadens Sygehusfællesskab (Hospitalerne på Bispebjerg, Frederiksberg, Hvidovre, Rigshospitalet, Sct. Hans Hospital og Amager Hospital)
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