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Faculty Library of Social Sciences: The library in Fiolstræde

Opening hours

Fiolstræde Library is open all days during the year from 7am-12pm for students working on their theses.

There is no public access to the building.

About Fiolstræde Library

The book hall at Fiolstræde 1 is a quiet reading and study hall with WIFI (Eduroam) and lockers.

At the floor and the first level of the book hall you find chairs and tables for 144 students on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the basement there is a small kitchen and toilet.

Unfortunately, there are no printing facilities for students.

From 12.45pm-1.30pm you can buy lunch or eat lunch you have brought along in "Le Cannibale", which is the canteen of the administration of Copenhagen University.

Fiolstræde Library provides facilities for students working at their thesis

Who has access to Fiolstræde Library?

As a student at Copenhagen University you can get access to Fiolstræde Library for 6 months and use it as your office while you are working on your bachelor project or thesis.

The precondition is that you reserve a locker at Fiolbiblioteket in REX, which is the catalogue of the library. Please type the following two words in the search box: skab fiol

In "Request & location" please reserve the first locker you see. By doing so, you line up for getting a locker. 

When there is a locker available, we ask you to pick up the key at The Faculty Library of Social Sciences in Gothersgade 140.
At Gothersgade 140 you will get information on what to do to activate your student card as an access card to the building.

You have access to the building and to your locker for 6 months. After 6 months we ask you to return the key. If you don't do so, you will receive a fine.

There is no public access to Fiolstræde Library

The library in Fiolstræde is a study hall and research library for students at Copenhagen University working on their bachelor projects and thesis.

Unfortunately, we don't provide guided tours to the building. The building is closed to the public.


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