Zotero: Zotero & REX

Zotero and Rex

REX and Zotero:

Zotero doesn't work properly with REX, at the moment.

The biggest problem at the moment is that Zotero doesn't always harvest all the information needed to create correct references! 

Therefore we strongly suggest collecting your references from other catalogues, or, using some of the alternative ways of collecting references suggested further down on this page. 

The next REX update should make things go back to the normal.




Here are some alternative ways of getting references into Zotero:

1) Zotero and online resources in REX

  • references concerning online resources (online articles and e-books) can be easily collected from their website of origin: click on link to the resource in the REX and then collect the reference.
  • see the video instructions on the right
  • notice that this way of collecting references has the advantage of Zotero automatically fetching pdf-file, snapshots and similar additional files, when possible

2) Zotero & physical books

  • Copy the ISBN number of the book in REX, and then create reference directly in Zotero - see the video instruction on the rigt
  • Notice that this is something that you can use if you already have books in your hands: find their ISBN-number, for instance on their back-cover, and create references directly in Zotero
  • You have found a book in REX that doesn't have an ISBN number (for instance an older book)? In that case see the following options, 3 and 4

3) Zotero in other library catalogues

  • re-find materials in other catalogues, such as WorldCat or Google Scholar and collect the references from there
  • http://www.worldcat.org/ is a huge catalogue, containing information from more than 10000 libraries (Danish included) worldwide; almost any published book can be found here
  • https://scholar.google.com is modified Google search engine, trained to search in academic/scholarly publications, domains and literature.
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