KUB Nord: Printing, copying, and scanning

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Nørre Alle 49
2200 Copenhagen N
+45 3347 4747

Printing, copying, and scanning

There are also three printers in the house - one on each floor. You may print, copy, and scan from the printers. In order to print you must register as a new user of the library

You may register as a user if you have a Danish personal identification or social security number (CPR-nummer), if you live in Denmark, and if you have turned 18. Your Danish health insurance card is also your library card. Special rules apply for reading room users and foreign students. You find the different application forms here: New user

As a user you have automatically a print account which you may use when printing and copying. You can transfer money to your account when you log on to REX and choose Fines & fees. 

The price of a page copied or printed is DKK 0.55 whether you choose colour or black/white. The default setting is colour; to achieve black/white print just change the setting in the printer window under Properties. Scanning is free of charge.

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