KUB Nord: Study Areas and Lockers

Contact and adress

Nørre Alle 49
2200 Copenhagen N
+45 3347 4747

About Lockers

How to reserve lockers

  • Reserve a locker (skab) at your faculty library
  • Reserve a thesis locker (specialeskab) at your faculty library
  • Enter your last date of interest
  • If a locker is available, you can use it from the next day after 2 pm. Contact the lending desk at the library where the locker is located. You need to pick up the key to the locker within 8 calendar days after receiving a message telling you that a locker is available for you.
  • If all of our lockers are lent out you will receive a message by email when one is available for you. Your reservation puts you in a joint waiting list for all of the lockers available at that address, not just the specific locker you have selected. This reduces waiting times. 
  • Remember to bring your KU student ID. 

Study Areas

The Faculty Library  provides a total of  489 seats distributed between silent study areas (220 seats), group study areas (141 seats), 27 PC workstations and 68 seats in our lounge areas.

You can also study in the café outside of lunch hours, where it is reserved for guests who are eating. The silent study areas are located in the old reading room and in two modern reading rooms in the lower area of the library.

Group study areas are located in the large room with murals as well as in both floors of the open stacks. 

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